Rose is a San Francisco-based interdisciplinary mixed media artist applying a surhausian (a term coined by Rose to mean the fusion between Surrealism and the Bauhaus) philosophy and methodology for the production of her sculptures, videos, and photographs. Rose's works are interested in the relationships between seeing/unseeing, hearing/unhearing in an audio-visual experience based in the unconscious. 


Rose received her BA in The History and Practice of Surrealism From the Still to Moving Image from the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University in 2013


Rose is currently a Dual Degree Masters student at the San Francisco Art Institute, earning her MFA in New Genres and MA in The History and Theory of Contemporary Art.


Works are available upon request. For commissions, price inquiries, and gallery representation, please contact: info@roselou.com 


Photo by Daniel Ballesteros 2012